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DDSL plugin for Dropwizard 0.7.0

News 24. April 2014: New version of DDSL-Dropwizard-Plugin with Dropwizard 0.7.0 support is released.

DDSL – Dynamic Distributes Service Locator – enables your applications to be discovered by other applications or reverse-proxies like nginx without any manual reconfiguration. DDSL uses Apache Zookeeper to make Service Discovery possible in a distributed way without any single point of failure.

When using DDSL you can automatically scale your system up by just starting a new instance of one of your applications on some random machine, since the built-in Load-balancer in DDSL will automatically start sending traffic to it.

I have recently created and release a DDSL plugin for Dropwizard which makes it really easy to add the functionality to your existing Dropwizard-applications.

If you are more into Play Framwork, choose the 1.x-module or 2.x-plugin, and you can of course use it in any of your X-technology Java- or Scala-applications.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment here on this blog or contact me via github or twitter.